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Maxxis Bighorn MT-762

(Off-Road Maximum Traction)


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Bighorn MT-762 Tires by Maxxis.
Description Sizes Specs Surveys Reviews Warranty
Description Sizes Specs Surveys Reviews Warranty
Size UTQG Max Load Max. Inflation Press. Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Meas. Rim Width Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam. Revs Per Mile Country of Origin*
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235/75.0-15198450 psi19/32 in396.0-[6.5]-7.06.51029
235/80.0-17304280 psi19/32 in456.0-[6.5]-7.56.51032
235/85.0-16304280 psi19/32 in496.0-[6.5]-7.56.51032
245/70.0-17300080 psi19/32 in466.5-[7.0]-8.07.01031
245/70.0-17260165 psi19/32 in466.5-[7.0]-8.07.01031
245/75.0-16304280 psi19/32 in346.5-[7.0]-8.07.01031
255/65.0-17260165 psi20/32 in357.0-[7.5]-8.07.51030
255/85.0-16300065 psi19/32 in526.5-[7.0]-8.07.01033
265/70.0-17319580 psi19/32 in527.0-[8.0]-8.58.01132
265/70.0-17291065 psi19/32 in527.0-[8.0]-8.58.01132
265/75.0-16341580 psi19/32 in487.0-[7.5]-8.07.51132
265/75.0-16246950 psi19/32 in487.0-[7.5]-8.07.51132
265/75.0-16300065 psi19/32 in487.0-[7.5]-8.07.51132
27/8.5-14152150 psi19/32 in356.0-[7.0]-7.57.0927
275/65.0-18341580 psi20/32 in577.5-[8.0]-9.08.01133
275/65.0-18300065 psi20/32 in577.0-[8.0]-9.08.01133
275/65.0-20375080 psi20/32 in627.5-[8.0]-9.58.01135
275/70.0-16246950 psi19/32 in527.0-[8.0]-8.58.01132
275/70.0-17304265 psi19/32 in527.0-[8.0]-8.58.01133
275/70.0-18364080 psi19/32 in577.0-[8.0]-8.58.01134
285/70.0-17319565 psi19/32 in597.5-[8.5]-9.08.51233
285/75.0-16330565 psi19/32 in587.5-[8.0]-9.08.01233
285/75.0-18408080 psi19/32 in607.5-[8.0]-9.58.01235
30/9.5-15198450 psi20/32 in416.5-[7.5]-8.57.51030
305/55.0-20320065 psi19/32 in638.0-[9.5]-11.09.51234
305/70.0-16291050 psi19/32 in618.0-[9.0]-9.59.01233
305/70.0-17300050 psi21/32 in658.0-[9.0]-9.59.01234
31/10.5-15227050 psi21/32 in467.0-[8.5]-9.08.51131
315/75.0-16319550 psi19/32 in648.0-[8.5]-11.08.51335
32/11.5-15253550 psi21/32 in508.0-[9.0]-10.09.01232
325/60.0-18352565 psi20/32 in628.5-[9.5]-10.09.51334
325/60.0-20320050 psi21/32 in669.0-[9.5]-12.09.51336
325/65.0-18385865 psi21/32 in649.0-[9.5]-12.09.51335
33/12.5-15220535 psi21/32 in578.5-[10.0]-11.010.01333
35/12.5-15253535 psi21/32 in548.5-[10.0]-11.010.01335
35/12.5-17300050 psi21/32 in598.5-[10.0]-11.010.01335
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Results based on 1030 submissions of our online tire survey.

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Surveyed Averages 10 92% 7.4 7.6 7.6 8.5 8.7 8.5 N/A N/A N/A 7.8 7.4 7.6 9,464,938

Would You Buy This Tire Again?
Most said: "Probably" (Average of 7.4 out of 10)

How Did This Tire Rank In Its Category?
10 out of 34 tires (Score of 8 vs best tire in category score of 8.6)

Description Other Sizes Specs Surveys Reviews Warranty
 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport (Ultra High Performance Summer) Reviewer's Overall Rating: Not Rated

2004 Ford Focus ZTS Sedan

Miles driven on tires: 500

Location: Shreveport, LA

Driving Condition: Mostly City

Driving Style: Spirited


Initial Review, 500 Miles on Tires

August 21, 2011

This is my first set of summer tires so the comparison between these and my last set of tires (General Altimax HP) is like night and day. The side walls are thick and the tread is sticky. I drive very hard and these tires have yet to disappoint! They also make very little road noise so far. I've driven in one autocross event with my last tires and they felt like blocks of ice underneath my car. I can't wait to take these out on the course. I finally feel like I have control again!
 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport (Ultra High Performance Summer) Reviewer's Overall Rating: 4.25

2006 Mazda MAZDA3 s 5-Door 

Miles driven on tires: 21,495

Location: Ewa Beach, HI

Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City

Driving Style: Average


Initial Review, 21,495 Miles on Tires

August 20, 2011

Having been disappointed with the OEM Goodyear tires wearing at @ 20k was happy to put some new rubber to the road. But seemed to go from bad to worse besides having to patch 3 puncture to the same tire. The Ride quality has been rough to rougher. But even more annoying has been the "noise" of these tires, and after 20K+ miles they've actually gotten louder! Average dry performance, surprisingly, the wet traction and especially good and the Hydroplaning has been impressive. Living in Hawaii we get torrential rains that seem like barrels of water in the matter of seconds on the road during our brief so called "Winter", and I know at 55 I hit a patch of water build up and run off that was at least 4 inches deep and I hit this about 15ft section and the car bogged down but never hydroplaned plowed right through shooting a 15 ft rooster tail behind and hitting the car behind me, poor guy almost Zero Visibility. Pretty scary but they got me through this but not worth the Noise torture that you have to endure for the 90% of the time! Now FYI after about 41K on the Mazda, the shop says the Front struts are blown and need to be replaced. Great! Apparent design flaw in this model. I've never had a car that I had to replace the struts for wear this early, but in mean time our potholes ore out of control and now getting uneven wear on the front set already awful tires. I most definetly don't recommend these tires at least to Mazda 3 owners. Better go with the Hankook Ventus one's if you want to save a buck!
 BFGoodrich g-Force Sport (Ultra High Performance Summer) Reviewer's Overall Rating: 6.25

2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Cabriolet

Miles driven on tires: 32,000

Location: Tampa, Fl

Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City

Driving Style: Spirited


Initial Review, 32,000 Miles on Tires

August 17, 2011

Now at the point that safety is an issue. At 32K miles? YGBSM. No intentional wheel spinning, no snow/ice/salt, just Florida heat, rain and mix of highway/city driving. Yet I am shopping for new tires for my Mercedes CLK350, a peppy sports cabriolet with respectable power. Confidence was high up to 25K miles when running on rare occasions above 80mph was bliss. Hydroplaning now at 70-75mph in the rain is now the weird norm, slipping when getting the green light on wet surfaces, now low confidence in the rain, have spun twice. Highway driving now average. All the fun is gone!

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Description Other Sizes Specs Surveys Reviews Warranty
Car and Driver tested 11 of the big names in street tires using Tire Rack's on-site test track and BMW 325i test vehicles. Over three days, wet and dry tests were performed to determine the best overall performance tire.

Goodyear's Eagle F1 GS-D3 "takes performance to new heights" and gets the top ratings while Continental's ContiSportContact 2 and Yokohama's ADVAN Neova AD07 take second and third place, respectively.

Download the full report (PDF - 4.4 MB) as printed in the December, 2005 issue of Car and Driver.

Description Other Sizes Specs Surveys Reviews Warranty
Treadlife Warranty: None
Uniformity Warranty: 1 Year / first 2/32" of wear
Workmanship & Materials Warranty: 6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" or 25% of wear, then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth
Manufacturer's Road Hazard Warranty: None
Manufacturer Special Warranty: None
Overall Tire Warranty Rating*: 3.5 Stars